Funding from the Nippon Foundation Expands Thu Duc Center


Funding by the Nippon Foundation of Japan resulted in the expansion of vocational training at the Thu Duc Center to include classes in commercial sewing, household sewing, basic computer programming skills, motorcycle repair, motor wiring and electronics, auto mechanics, welding and silk printing. In July, 50 students from the motorcycle repair class and 39 students from the domestic sewing class graduated, after having spent roughly six to eight months at the center to pursue their training. The training prepared them to start their own businesses in their hometowns or find a job in a factory. In September, concerned with the growing threat of HIV/AIDS posed by the gradual opening of Vietnam to international trade, HealthEd, in partnership with the Vietnam Youth Union, conducted the first major conference on The Affect of HIV/AIDS on the Youth of Vietnam. The conference, which was funded in part by John Snow International, the United Nations and America Online, broke new ground in public discourse on HIV/AIDS in Vietnam. 


Prosthetic Outreach in _____


VNAH in Taipei, Prosthetic Manufacturing


Project to Build a Vocational Training Center in Dalat