Disability Policy and Program Project


Goal was to grant the passage of the legislation for barrier-free access codes and standards.

Barrier-free access


Self-help Programs

Public Awareness

National Committee

Legislative Mandates

The Freeman Foundation provided a special two-year grant to VNAH to allow for the manufacture and distribution of 9,000 wheelchairs and artificial limbs to disabled people in the central provinces. Vietnamese wheelchair manufacturers and the prosthetic centers began working with VNAH to provide vocational training to the disabled that would allow them to one day work in wheelchair and prosthetics production. A new and improved wheelchair was designed to better accommodate the terrain and conditions of Vietnam. 


Prosthetic and Rehabilitation Project


Deliver assistive devices to outreach and walk-in customer/beneficiaries at the Can Tho Center

Provide and improve access to and follow up of disabled people who require therapeutic services for a) adjustments or repairs and b) training in use and care of the devices

Assist the Can Tho Center to put in place a client database

Upgrade the skills of the staff at the Can Tho Rehabilitation Center

Continue to distribute end-user survey forms to measure the areas of strengths and weakness

Provided outreach services to beneficiaries unable to reach the Center


The Restoration of the South Vietnamese Army's Cemetery in Saigon