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Monday June 26th, 2017
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Improving Education in Remote Villages, VNAH Builds More Than 100 Schools to Date

VNAH/HealthEd, with the support from several organizations and donors, has built 138 schools and dormitories in the Central and Northern Highlands regions of Vietnam since 2005.

Support has come from People's Aid Coordinating Committee (PACCOM) of Vietnam, the Japan Embassy in Vietnam, Nippon Foundation, Asian Education and Friendship Association, as well as other organizations and private donors.

In an effort to improve the overall education effort in the remote areas, VNAH/HealthEd's program provides new classrooms together with an educational, cultural exchange for teachers and students.  The exchange activity between Vietnamese and Japanese schools aims to promote friendship and the sharing of educational and cultural information.

“During a visit in September 2014 to Chiem Hoa District, Tuyen Quang Province (Northen Highlands), we saw many elementary schools in extremely poor condition,” Ca Van Tran, VNAH President said.

Many communes in remote area in Chiem Hoa District often have makeshift, temporary schools. This is the same problem with Central Highlands and the border regions. On top of this problem, a majority of ethnic children simply don't go to school because the lack of teachers, teaching materials and severe poverty.

Earlier this year, the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam provided a grant to VNAH to build a new dormitory at Phuc Son middle school in Chiem Hoa District.  This school has more than 300 students, all of whom are from the Dao and Mong ethnic groups.

Students at Phuc Son Middle School cook lunch in the kitchen of their temporary dormitory.
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