VNAH works to promote policies and programs to assist and empower people with disabilities and disadvantaged children

Vietnam Assistance for the Handicapped (VNAH) is a U.S.-based non-profit, non-political, tax-exempt charitable organization founded in 1991 to assist Vietnamese with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups to regain mobility and improve their socio-economic status.  Over the past 25 years, VNAH has implemented development projects and volunteer activities that have benefited several million people in Southeast Asia. 

rehabilitation and direct assistance

  • Build and equip rehabilitation centers and health clinics to improve capacity and access to health services for persons with disabilities and the rural poor. 
  • Provide health care, rehabilitation services, and assistive devices to persons with disabilities, war and land-mines/UXO victims.
  • Support vocational training,  employment and livelihood development for persons with disabilities and disadvantaged youth.
  • Capacity building training for health workers, rehabilitation practitioners, assistive devices producers and staff of vocational training and employment service centers.

schools & Youth

  • Improve access to and quality of education for children in remote areas by building school, teacher training and international education exchanges.
  • Support curriculum development of higher education and teachers training in subjects including barrier-free access design in construction, social work with disabilities, occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation.
  • Volunteer health care services in rural, remote areas.
  • Provide clean water for rural and ethnic communities.


  • Technical assistance to the development and enforcement of disability policies in Vietnam.
  • Promote programs and policies at the national and sub-national levels to integrate persons with disabilities into all aspects of their community's social and economic affairs.
  • Technical support to national efforts for the development of disability information system in Vietnam.
  • Support the development of disabled people's organization (DPO) and training for disability advocates.