Introducing the US Quality Improvement Process to Nursing Faculty at University Dong A

Danang City, Vietnam - VNAH arranged for two senior American health professionals to visit the University Dong A (UDA) and lead a seminar on Quality Improvement (QI) for nursing faculty and other members of the University and health services community. Dr. Mary Segall, a Nurse Educator specializing in Quality Improvement and Prof. Mellen Tanamly, a Public Health Nutritionist were the invited speakers.  The seminar was held at the main UDA campus conference hall in Danang City, Vietnam, on January, 2017. This event was part of the VNAH and UDA partnership to introduce American practices into the Nursing Department curriculum.

Improving the quality of health services provided in the private and public health sectors in Viet Nam is one of the aims of ASHA support to VNAH and UDA. The project was implemented during period from 10/2014-9/2016, with a goal to improve capacity to meet the growing needs for quality higher education services and market demands for skilled workers in the central region of Vietnam.   The project specific objective was to improve the capacity for, and access to higher education and vocational training to ensure young people and the vulnerable populations receive industry-driven training and needed skill sets for employment.

The UDA now is able to offer training at its own facilities equipped like a real operation or business, which gives students practical work opportunities which prepare them for jobs in the industries for which they have been trained.  As a result, the UDA has seen steep increases in enrollments, especially in the three majors that the ASHA has provided commodities to.  The new enrollment in this school year (2016-2017) increased by 65% (from 915 to 1,510 students) in nursing program; and 88% in the electrical program (from 199 to 375 students); and 14% in the hospitality management (from 277 to 315 students), compared to previous years.    Prior to the project, these programs have an average increase of 10% annually.  These results are strong indicators of the project successes in capacity building for the UDA.

The speakers introduced American quality improvement concepts to nursing faculty and other invited guests. Dr. Segall presented “Building a Foundation for Improved Quality at Hospitals and Health Centers: The Role of the Nurse”. This was an overview quality improvement processes and tools that are used globally to strengthen health care services for better patient outcomes. Session Objectives were: to increase knowledge about safety and quality improvement; how to initiate a QI project in your setting: a review of selected priorities from data about Sustainable Goals & indicators of a package of health care services; to increase appreciation for the importance of measurement and monitoring in QI; to learn about a culture of innovation; learn about the Role of Quality Improvement Teams, the Role of the Nurse, & Use of Improvement Collaborative; and to learn about resources faculty can utilize for teaching QI. Ms. Tanamly discussed the application of quality improvement approaches to infant and young child feeding programs in Viet Nam.

The seminar was well attended by all senior and junior nursing faculty, other UDA officials, representatives of Ministry of Health and private health facilities, and UDA nursing students.  Following the event, the consultants met with the President of the University and the Dean of the Nursing School to discuss faculty development strategies.

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